What's the Difference?

Managers of Their Homes: A Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Homeschool Families

Managers of Their Homes contains information to help a mom put together a schedule for her family’s day. It gives helpful information on what can be part of the schedule, how to make up a schedule, and how to implement one. Included in Managers of Their Homes is a Scheduling Kit giving you the tools you need to make a schedule.

Managers of Their Chores contains information on how to put together a chore system, how to implement it, and how to keep it running. Chores will be one or more time blocks on a schedule. Managers of Their Chores teaches you what to accomplish during the scheduled chore time. Managers of Their Chores includes a ChorePack kit with ChorePack material to help you get your chore system up and running.

Managers of Their Schools deals with the details of what we have successfully done during the homeschooling portion of the schedule. After writing the scheduling book, we received many questions asking us how we homeschooled—what curriculum did we use, how did we grade the work, what age did we start our children typing, what about graduation, and a multitude more. Managers of Their Schools details our biblical philosophy of education, what we use for every subject in every grade, why we have made those choices, how we organize our homeschooling materials, how we streamline homeschooling to be the most efficient, and tons more information. We also included lesson plans for the several core subjects.

Each Managers book is greatly different with very little, if any, overlap.