The ChorePack System FAQ


We feel the ChorePack system is a key ingredient to the success of the book Managers of Their Chores. However, the ChorePack system requires the information in the book, which is why ChorePacks are only available to book owners. ChorePacks will show wear after a while under a child’s normal use, so if you’d like to purchase an extra ChorePack Kit to have on hand for the future, you’re welcome to do so.

What is unique about ChorePacks?

  • The basis for the ChorePack system is the vinyl, one-of-a-kind ChorePacks.
  • The plastic is thick but is flexible enough to allow a child to remove chore cards without difficulty.
  • The ChorePack is safety-designed not to come apart during daily use by a child.
  • ChorePacks have been safety-engineer tested!
  • It’s basically like a wearable mobile “to do” list.

What is included in each ChorePack Kit?

The ChorePack Kit includes materials for 4 children:

  • 4 ChorePacks, safety tested, extra heavy-duty vinyl
  • 1 vinyl Chore Card holder which holds 6 spare sets of ChorePacks while not in use
  • Approximately 20 pieces of heavy-duty cardstock paper—enough for up to 120 chore cards
    • Compatible with most laser and inkjet printers/The paper is very durable for use in ChorePacks

How do I know if I need an extra ChorePack Kit with my book?

You will need a ChorePack for every child who will be doing chores, from preschoolers on up. Enough ChorePack materials for four children are provided in the ChorePack Kit that comes with Managers of Their Chores. If you have more than four children, who will be doing chores, you should purchase an additional ChorePack Kit for every four additional children. We offer the ChorePack Kits at a reduced price when purchased with the book. Each additional ChorePack Kit contains materials for four children. If you don’t have enough children to use all of the materials contained in the additional kit now, extras can be stored for the future as chores are added or replacements are needed.

Ordering examples:

      • 3-4 children doing chores—no extra ChorePack Kit needed
      • 5-8 children doing chores—order one extra ChorePack Kit
      • 9+ children doing chores—order two extra ChorePack Kits

What is the maximum age that a child will use a ChorePack?

It depends on the child. If your child is having trouble accomplishing his chores, or you want to have an effective way to keep him on track as to what chores he needs to do, then he would benefit from ChorePacks. Even a mom may find it helpful to have her own ChorePack!

Why are ChorePack Kits only offered to Managers of Their Chores book owners?

We want families to succeed using ChorePacks. 

Managers of Their Chores pilot families told us they believed that having a copy of Managers of Their Chores was essential if someone was going to use ChorePacks successfully.

What if I need to buy a ChorePack Kit later? Do you offer them?

Yes. If you are a Managers of Their Chores book owner, you may purchase extra ChorePack Kits or the individual ChorePacks.

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