Sweet Journey Preface

It has been many years since I have written a book by myself, although all of our books tend to be family projects so this one has had plenty of family input. We have had a couple of ideas on our hearts for women’s topics we wanted to address, but other writing assignments from the Lord took precedence. However, when the Lord’s timing arrives, He makes it clear to us.

This summer He has had us home without other large projects that needed our attention. Anna, 18, and Mary, 14, were willing to take over my household tasks to free up my time for writing. They are doing the meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and laundry. They really love their new tasks of meal planning and grocery shopping while I am having a new experience of asking my daughters what’s for dinner. Not only has this given me time to write, but it has given them the opportunity to develop their homemaking skills.

As always my husband, Steve, is my encouragement and inspiration. We discuss ideas, and he reads everything I write, editing and making comments. I am his helpmeet in his ministry, and as Titus 2 reaches out to Christian women around the world, being his teammate, I am able to have a long-distance discipleship relationship with many.

Sarah, 29, is our in-house proofreader and has a real eye for detail. We also hire a professional proofreader. With this book Anna, 18, took on the job of putting the text into the publishing software. Joseph, 22, designed the front cover. The Lord has given us some very special friends, and the husband is a graphic designer who used his talents to help with the cover and inside design.

I am grateful first to the Lord Jesus for His direction and grace in writing this book. I am also thankful for all who have helped and contributed their time, talents, and encouragement to bring it to fruition.

We are excited about this book, and the potential it has to impact Christian women’s lives. I had such a battle when I was a young mom with anger, depression, and worry. Because of what the Lord has taught me and His grace in my life, I am eager to share those lessons with my sisters in Christ.

With a tight deadline, we had four ladies read Sweet Journey and give us their feedback. We thank them for their time investment and comments.

Book titles are difficult for us because creativity isn’t a strong trait in our family. As we tossed plain, dull titles around, Steve came up with the idea that led us to “Sweet Journey.” While one might look at my journey and think it has been a rough journey, the roughness has been my part. The sweetness has come from Jesus. I hope to help you on your Sweet Journey.

Love, Teri