Sunflower's Christmas Miracle Not All Fiction

Moses in the Grocery Store—One of my brothers has learned a trick for making it through a crowded grocery store, and he does the tip-your-cart and go fast around the corners.

Town Hall Meeting—A few years ago, we attended a town hall meeting where the subject was a proposed prison. And not just any prison. It would house a very select group of terrorists. Thankfully, it did not go through.

Christmas Decorating—We’ve helped my grandparents decorate for Christmas, and we have good memories from those times.

Slave Cemetery—There’s a very old cemetery in our city that’s thought to be an old slave cemetery.

Powdered Sugar Explosion—This actually happened when a family member was with someone else, and the person laughed, and powdered sugar shot from their mouth.

Guessing Game—We like guessing games in our family!

Cats—My mom adopted a stray cat, and we’ve enjoyed this new little addition.

Honey on eggs—Dad likes that combination, although I confess I haven’t tried it.