Summer with the Moodys Meet the Characters

Max–Max’s real name is Maxwell, a family name. He is the oldest child, being eleven, and loves to do new things, such as pet-sitting.

Mollie–Mollie is a happy nine-year-old. She has long brown hair and enjoys being involved with whatever the boys are doing.

Mitch–Mitch’s real name is Mitchell, another family name. At eight years old he keeps the family laughing with his fun comments.

Maddie–The youngest of the Moody family is Madelynn, but she goes by Maddie. Her bobbing curls and cheerful attitude brighten the family’s lives.

Mr. Moody–Dad, whose name is Jim, is the happy father of four children. He works at a bank headquarters. When he has fulfilled his duties at work, his preferred place is at home, spending time with his family. His heart’s desire is to be a man of God and the spiritual leader for his family.

Mrs. Moody–Mom, whose name is Emily, loves being a homeschool and stay-at-home mom. She does her best to train the children in the way that the Lord would have her.

Mrs. Ola Mae Clifton–An elderly lady the Moodys help. She is also the owner of Honey.

Mrs. Maud Bagwell–Snickers’ “mom.”

Mr. Delome–The Moodys’ unusual neighbor who lives across the street.

Miss Iva Jenkins–The administrator at Mrs. Clifton’s nursing home.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell–Peaches’ “parents.”