Following are two notes we received from Mothers who have used Managers of Their Homes with ADHD and other special needs children:

From A Mom

Although I cannot comment on your particular situation, I can tell you that our ADHD son responds positively to the MOTH schedule. He is “obsessed” with what comes next, and being able to point him to the fridge door and explain what it is has been a relief!

Also, I’ve noticed that when he gets into the habit of doing similar or the same things every day his behavior has improved. He is more secure without all of the variables which upset him so. We still add variety in certain portions of the day, but he knows when it’s coming.

As far as doing chores, we began with the easiest, most mundane SHORT jobs in the house. Things like straightening shoes next to the door, sweeping the porch, picking up books, emptying garbage cans and now he’s worked “up” to feeding the dogs. He needs more supervision than our other child while working, but he is proud of himself when he’s finished. Of course, he’s more concerned about finishing than doing a good job…still working on that one!

Oh…the schedule is good for me, too! I am an adult with ADD and whenever I get “lost” during the day the schedule brings me back into focus without having to make any decisions. What a help.

In Christ,

From Another Mom

I have 2 kids with Tourettes, though no ADHD.

My son particulary gets distracted easily…his tics alone do that. So the schedule has helped him to learn to keep moving along. Using the timer and having his schedule right next to him has helped him a lot. Also, I’ve noticed when his tics are at their highest, the fine motor skills like writing go out the window. So I work alongside him and take dictation or do things orally with him to help him stay on target and not get frustrated.

I always like to encourage other Moms to be careful that the TS kids don’t begin to use their disorder as an excuse or an escape for behaving properly or becoming lazy. I’ve seen too many kids in the public schools “labeled” and then excused from normal expectations. They will have to fight harder and they must learn to do that as early as possible in an encouraging positive atmosphere.

And as far as chores, I discovered very quickly that writing out a checklist, in the logical order of doing, and posting it in the appropriate place, has helped them to complete their jobs well. And I have them do the same chores each week at the same times. No surprises that way, and that helps most kids, especially ADHD and TS kids.

MOTH has been a gem to our family!

Hope this helps you and others,