Samaritan Ministries, A Health Insurance Alternative

Over the years, we have been asked what we do for health insurance. It’s also been a popular question in the small business session at the Energize Conference. Maybe you need health-insurance and haven’t been sure what route to take. Perhaps you’re not satisfied with your health-care dollars providing unethical procedures. How would you like to be a part of a cost-sharing program where your money goes to help other Christians who have health needs?

There are several Christian health insurance alternatives which the IRS allows an exemption for.

Our family is part of Samaritan Ministries. Ten months of the year you send your share to another family or individual who has had a need, and the other two months you send it to the office to cover overhead (for a new member family: after that, it’s one month of the year you send to the office, and the other eleven months to a family: there is also a $200 startup fee). The prices are very reasonable for an individual, couple, or a family. They also have a bonus on young adults being allowed to stay on their family’s membership for quite a while. Although we’ve yet to submit a need ourselves, our married children (who have separate Samaritan memberships) have submitted needs and been blessed by the cards and notes that came with their checks. It truly is a ministry!

We are also in Samaritan’s optional program called Save to Share (for needs over $250k). It adds only a small amount every month, and it’s worth it. If you have a catastrophic need, suddenly that extra you’ve paid is nothing in comparison.

One thing to note is Samaritan’s policy on pre-existing conditions. Be sure to read the guidelines carefully before applying. If you have questions, Samaritan’s is happy to assist you.

As stewards of the Lord’s money, we feel it important to have something in place for our health care. Rather than investing money in mainstream providers, we love to be in a Christian ministry who helps brothers and sisters in Christ.

If you decide to join, please list Sarah Maxwell as the referral, and her member #155571. This will bless us.

The Maxwell Family