Simple Faith: Trust and Obey Download

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A Gospel bluegrass MP3 music download. We have the hard-copy CD version available as well.

From familiar songs such as Trust and Obey, to rarely heard titles such as Daddy on His Knees, the Maxwells’ tight family harmony and bluegrass instruments will inspire and encourage you in the Lord Jesus! Join the Maxwells as they share through twelve carefully selected titles that will minister to your heart.

  1. Trust and Obey

  2. Daddy on His Knees

  3. He Hideth My Soul

  4. I Feel Like Traveling On

  5. At Calvary

  6. Wonderful Words of Life

  7. Another Soldier Down

  8. Give Us Rain

  9. America the Beautiful

  10. Angel Unawares

  11. The Master’s Hand

  12. I’ll Fly Away

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