Redeeming the Time, Unabridged Audiobook Download



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Product Description

So often, men struggle with time management and their priorities. They may not even have time to read a book. This unabridged audiobook is perfect in helping dads manage their time. It also includes a PDF of the sample schedules that come with the printed book, so you’re not missing out on anything!

Many dads find themselves under time pressure because it seems everyone needs more of Dad’s time. How is Dad to deal with this? Steve has experienced many, intense time-challenges in his own life and since he learned how to effectively deal with them, he has a vision for encouraging dads through the book. To read the book’s complete description, please seeĀ this link.

Some guys spend a lot of time commuting, so this download is perfect for them. They can download it to their computer and then load onto their phone, and they’re set.

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