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Can you picture the children teaming up to help ease your burden of keeping the house clean and orderly while they learn responsibility and what it takes to manage a home? Tens of thousands of moms prove it is possible, every day. Why not join them?

In the same way that Managers of Their Homes has helped moms around the world find time to “get it all done,” Managers of Their Chores, and its accompanying ChorePack Kit helps families shoulder the load together. No longer will Mom have to do it all by herself! The book and included ChorePack system have the potential to revolutionize the way your family works together. Whether you are chore challenged or a seasoned chore warrior, you will gain motivation and loads of practical advice on implementing a stress-free chore system.

Jennifer shared: “We are a growing family of 7 and love the ChorePacks system and how it has helped us be productive and have more time for fun activities and service together as a family. I’m not scared to host in my home thanks to my army of ChorePack wielding helpers.”

Managers of Their Chores tackles common questions that parents often struggle with and feel guilty over, giving peace and encouragement:

• Should children do chores?
• How many chores are reasonable?
• What age do we begin assigning chores?
• How do motivate them?
• Is there a biblical basis for chores?
• Do chores benefit or burden our children?

One chapter is devoted to helping moms work with their preschoolers on chores. For those moms who say they have no idea where to even begin, the book develops various pieces of a chore system and how it can be set up. Aspects of accountability, rewards, and consequences are addressed. Finally, Managers of Their Chores provides step-by-step directions for setting up a ChorePack chore system.

If you had a business, wouldn’t you want to hire individuals who are responsible and know how to work? Of course you would! Give your children an advantage in getting the job or running their own business.

Managers of Their Chores comes with all the ChorePack materials typically needed for four children, including ChorePacks, chore card paper, and a ChorePack holder. In the appendix of the book, you will find a chore library with more than 180 chores listed, forms for use and future photocopying, and sample chore assignments from eight families.

There is one thing this book will not do for you, it will not clean your house. However, if you want to prepare your children—from preschoolers to teens—for life, by teaching them to serve others, this is the book for you.

  • Wouldn’t you like that “mean ugly gorilla” off of your back?
  • When do you think it is best to begin?
  • If pain can be replaced with peace and productivity why not begin now?

What’s Included:

  • ChorePack Kit, which includes:
    • 4 ChorePacks, specially manufactured for Titus2
    • One 3-ring, vinyl page holder for storing extra chore cards
    • Approximately 20 sheets of white cardstock/Enough for creating up to 120 chore cards.
    • Please Note: Purchase additional ChorePack Kits (each kit includes materials for four children) here if you have more than four children who will be doing chores and/or if you would like to have an extra kit on hand, as this is a consumable kit.
  • Forms for Developing a Chore System:
    • Master Chore List/Chore Library
    • Chore Assignment Worksheet
    • Template for creating chore cards
    • ChorePack Checklist
  • Appendix with samples from eight “test” families

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