Making Great Conversationalists



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Do you want to equip your children to be powerful conversationalists who can succeed in relationships, in the work environment, and in life? Join Steve and Teri as they open the doors to an essential life skill that will positively shape your child.

Making Great Conversationalists has the potential to change your child’s life. Within this book’s pages, Steve and Teri unlock the keys to dynamic conversation. The ability to effectively converse prepares your child for courtship, influences his job potential, and could even help him lead someone to the Lord.

“This book should be required reading material for every parent of a school-aged child in America!” Henry

Don’t think that one-word replies, short answers, and lack of interest in others is normal for a child’s conversation. It’s not, and you can do something to change it.

Chapter after chapter of Making Great Conversationalists is filled with information, real-life examples, how-tos, and so much more that has the potential to make your child an incredible conversationalist. In addition, each chapter concludes with teaching notes and practical projects that will allow you to apply what you’ve read.

Would you like to help your child excel in this essential life-skill? Order your book today.

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