Learning Lessons, Book 2 in Hill Top Adventures



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Learning Lessons, Book 2 in Hill Top Adventures, is available! 

Ten-year-old Emma’s world has taken on a new sparkle now that she’s a Christian. She forgives Aunt Shannon for the accident which took her little sister’s life and then learns to live out that forgiveness. Trouble is brewing with Landlady over Taffy. Ethan’s not worried, claiming Landlady’s all bark and no bite, and he teaches Taffy the game of Find It.

Autumn days fly by for Emma and Ethan, with adventures at the coffee shop (even Lucy, the parrot, makes an appearance), helping with Hunter’s leaf business, a city-wide yard sale, and a day at the library. The new neighbor twins add their own share of surprises. All the while, tension builds with Landlady, and when Emma is faced with her biggest fear, what will she do?

Learning Lessons is Sarah’s longest book yet with a page count of 243. The story includes 10 beautiful illustrations that make it come to life, including an exclusive map of downtown Hill Top.

  • Geared toward kids ages 7-12, but children younger and older enjoy it as well.

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