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Christopher and Sarah will encourage your children to “enroll” in the classroom of beginning and managing their own business. Starting and running a small business is an excellent opportunity to earn income while learning invaluable business and interpersonal skills.

The goal of an education is to prepare a young person for life, and a significant portion of life will involve business and vocation. Modern society has a roadmap to business: school, college, and then a life spent working as an employee. But many homeschooling families have caught a vision of industry and work based in Christ-honoring entrepreneurship.

Their session covers issues such as:

    • Are you prepared to start a business?
    • What is your relationship like with the Lord and your parents?
    • What type of business should you start?
    • What are the legal and tax ramifications?
    • What skills do you need and how do you acquire them?

You’ll come away with specific ideas for your business and hopefully a big dose of motivation!

While this session’s primary audience is young people, a number of parents have shared that they also benefited.

As a parent, if you haven’t read the book Preparing Sons, we would strongly recommend you read that first. This session is a great compliment to the book and will hopefully inspire your children to use these years of their life productively as they prepare for their future.

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