Feed My Sheep: A Practical Guide to Daily Family Bible Time, 2 CD Album



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Do any of these questions describe your experience with family devotions: Tried them and failed? Never tried because you knew it would be too big of a battle? No time for them even if you wanted to? Do you feel the only way to capture your family’s attention is to dress up as a Bible character, stand on the couch, and act out a passage of Scripture? NEW! This is also available to purchase as a download.

In the first CD, Steve Maxwell gives practical advice for achieving success with family Bible time. He reveals the secret that he guarantees will work. He also explains common problems causing many families to fail with daily Bible time and then gives solutions to these difficulties. Steve explains step-by-step how to actually have a family devotion, and he stresses the critical value to your children’s lives of having daily devotions. This information is highly motivational and practical.

The second CD contains two of the Maxwells’ family devotions recorded live. You’ll feel like you’re right at home with Steve as you listen to him with his family in their time in the Word. You will see how easy it is to lead your own family in the most important time of the day.

Join Steve Maxwell, father of eight, as he tells about the Maxwells’ favorite part of their day. We pray you’ll see how absolutely crucial this is to your family, and that you’ll come away with an excitement for the daily feeding of your family from God’s Word!

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