Christmas Comes to Sunflower Short Story



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You won’t want to miss this very special Moody Christmas story! You’ll read it at the same time as Book #7. Moody reader or not, this makes a perfect Christmas gift!

A surprise encounter at Sunflower’s Post Office gives Mollie an idea. Christmas is a special time of year, and Max, Mollie, and Mitch are determined to bless Joey. Time is against them as they face multiple obstacles in their quest. Will they be able to make Joey’s dream come true in time for Christmas?

This story is set in the Winter Days timeline, and a special Reading Guide is included in Christmas Comes to Sunflower, allowing you to read both book simultaneously. If you’ve already read Winter Days, you’ll want to read this book before Exciting Times, as there is a key element you won’t want to miss.

Grab a cup of hot chocolate, curl up next to the fire, and find out what happens in Christmas Comes to Sunflower.

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