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Titus2 Downloads

We’re excited to be able to offer downloads on Downloads allow you to listen to the content immediately after purchase, and you don’t have to pay to have them shipped. In addition, you can conveniently and easily put the material on a MP3 player for listening to later. For example, if you have an iPhone or iPod, you’ll purchase the items, download them to your computer, import them into iTunes, and then load them onto your player. We also offer some of Dr. S. M. Davis’ downloads.

Did you realize that our downloadable products count toward free shipping? For example, that means you could purchase $10 of downloads and $15 worth of shippable products (such as the MOTH book), and not pay one single cent for shipping. It’s one way we can bless our loyal customers. Just add the products to your cart. After placing your order, you’ll receive another e-mail with your download instructions.