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The Moody Family Series
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Finding good, Christian (and wholesome!) books for your kids can be hard. We know, as we’ve been in your shoes. Our oldest daughter, a first generation homeschool graduate began writing kids’ books seventeen years ago, at the age of 21. Her first series is a 12-book series, about the fictional Moody family. Kids love the books because they can identify with Max, Mollie, Mitch, and Maddie. Moms often find their kids imitating the Moodys: whether it be cleaning out the garage as a surprise, helping a brother or sister, making an anniversary meal, or being happy and cheerful when asked to do something

Sarah’s desire is not only to provide great reading material but also to teach life lessons, all through an engaging storyline.

Finding Change and Learning Lessons, Books 1 and 2 in Hill Top Adventures, are not related to the Moody Series and have brand new characters, setting, and plot.

Each Moody book (except the Christmas titles) span about 3 months’ time. The book build on each other, so it’s best to read them in order, starting with Summer with the Moodys. If you purchase the entire Moody Series together, you save and receive free economy shipping in the U.S.

Candace shared: “I just wanted to let you know how very, very much the Moody family series has blessed our family! It’s not easy to find books about Christian homeschoolers. I myself was homeschooled and grew up reading every Christian fiction book I could get my hands on, and I will tell you that I am absolutely blown away by how well-written these books are!”