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This motivating session will give you a new boost in your homeschooling journey!

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Whether new or experienced homeschoolers, this motivational and practical session helps a family attain their heartfelt goals for raising and educating their children. Doubts, discouragement, and burnout can easily shipwreck the family that doesn’t know “where they are going.” What is it that keeps a family homeschooling through a mom’s feelings of being overwhelmed, a child with a rebellious spirit, or a house full of babies and toddlers?

Together, Steve and Teri share in this session how they moved from homeschooling for convenience (we’ll try it a year and see how it goes) to homeschooling forever. They will give you concrete examples from homeschooling struggles they have experienced and how they made it through. When this was recorded, they had six adult children who had graduated from homeschool, and they were still in the trenches of day to day homeschooling with the last two.

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