Autumn Days with the Moodys, Book 6, Moody Family Series



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Autumn Days, the sixth book in the Moody Family Series, picks up where Summer Days left off. Now that Mrs. Bagwell is saved, what will she be like? Will the Moodys have a “normal” few months? What will the bank and Mitch have in common? What excitement will happen to the Moodys in this book?

The book starts with an unexpected event, and then guests are scheduled to come. Their visit leaves the Moodys with a surprise challenge. Mr. Gibson’s wife is a key part of this story line, and a trip to the apple orchard becomes a special family time. Come join the Moodys as they delight in serving the Lord Jesus!

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5 reviews

We believe in these!

Posted by Diane, mom on August 12, 2019

The Moody series is one you can buy with confidence, knowing your children will be blessed with godly examples to teach and inspire them.

I like how Christ-centered they are.

Posted by Joyce on August 12, 2019

One thing I really like is that in each of these books the Gospel message is explained in a very simply way, so even little ones can understand.

The Moody's are good role models!

Posted by Christina on August 12, 2019

The Moody children show good examples of diligence when working on chores. That has also helped me improve in my diligence as well.

Great read aloud

Posted by Judith, mom on August 12, 2019

The Moody family has once again captured our attention and brought our hearts closer to Jesus! Reading aloud with my children seemed to bring an atmosphere of peace and joy into our own home as we shared in the days of the Moody family.


Posted by Madison on August 12, 2019

It’s leaving me is suspense longing for the next one.


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