Summer Days with the Moodys, Book 5, Moody Family Series



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Summer Days with the Moodys, the fifth book in the series, continues to follow the lives of the Moody family whom many across the world have grown to love. Although this family is fictional, the everyday adventures and down-to-earth situations make them seem real to readers.

Will Max, Mollie, Mitch, and Maddie start summer businesses? What about Mr. Delome across the street—what is he like now that he’s saved? Will Mr. Gibson (also know as Big Red) be in this book? Are Grandpa and Grandma going to move next door? Find out the answers in this long-awaited sequel!

The book begins with an unexpected twist and a heart-pulling event occurs near the end. Packed in between is helping an elderly couple, moving the twins into the children’s room, testing time at Grandma’s, celebrating the 4th of July in Moody style, developing more of a friendship with Mrs. Bagwell, and much more!

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