Preparing Sons Preface

As the father of five boys, I have felt the responsibility of raising sons who could one day provide for their families without their wives needing outside-the-home employment. This responsibility became even keener when we began homeschooling in 1985. No longer was I able to rely on a school system to prepare my sons for their futures as wage-earning adults.

The principles and suggestions presented in this book have come from my study of Scripture, my own experiences in raising two of my sons to adulthood, plus personal observations of other men and their sons. As my wife, Teri, and I walked through the years of our children’s lives, we did not have a plan or formula in mind such as I lay out before you in this book. However, we did have God’s Word, which we turned to constantly for direction and encouragement.

I want to introduce you to my children since they are key players in the chapters you will be reading. It is impossible for me to write without using personal examples. My own children are the best illustrations I have of some of the points I am making. At the time of the writing of this book, here is what my family “looks” like:

My wife, Teri

Nathan – age 24
Christopher – age 22
Sarah – age 19
Joseph – age 12
John – age 10
Anna – age 8 
Jesse – age 6
Mary – age 4

Please understand that this book is written from a decidedly Christian point of view. Because of my love for Jesus Christ and the dedication of my life to Him, I am not able to write anything that does not use the Bible as its foundation and starting point. You will find Scripture quotes throughout.

Don’t expect this book to tell you what vocation to have your son prepare for or whether he should go to college or not. However, it is designed to set out guidelines and suggestions for helping you and your son make these decisions. You will find practical ideas, starting with the preschool years and going up through early adulthood, that will be applicable for preparing your son for whatever vocation the Lord calls him to.

Please don’t leave this book on the shelf until your son is a senior in high school. The time to begin laying the foundations that will help him support a one-income family begins in his preschool and elementary years. While parents who have missed this particular direction for those early years can catch up, don’t miss it if your children are still very young!

It is my desire that as you read this book you will be filled with an excitement over the prospect of preparing your son to provide for a single-income family. I want you to see the possibilities and then purposefully set out to meet them. I hope you will begin to view each aspect of your son’s life as having an impact on his ability to support a family one day. I would like for you to own your responsibility in this process and to face it with seriousness and anticipation.

Steve Maxwell