Purchasing a Used MOTH Book

For anyone thinking about purchasing a used Managers of Their Homes book, you need to be aware of the copyright. It says, “If you have registered ownership of this book with Communication Concepts, Inc. permission is granted for photocopying parts of the Scheduling Kit for personal use only. Such reproductions may not be sold or given to anyone else.”

Registration of the book is accomplished by filling out a registration page which is found at the back of the book and mailing it in to us where we keep it on fileone registration per book!

It has come to our attention that some are selling used Managers of Their Homes books without the registration page, and or the scheduling kit. The innocent new buyer may be disappointed to learn they cannot register the book and copy the kit because the original buyer kept the registration page and did not tell them.

Digressing, during the original testing of MOTH we found that those who did not spend enough time reading the book were more likely to have scheduling problems. Scheduling was nothing new, then why was MOTH having such success in helping moms? As we tried to answer that question, we came to the conviction that their long-term success in scheduling would be greatly enhanced if a mom had both the book and kit. A mom’s circumstances change frequently, as new babies come, toddlers grow into new stages, and an infinite number of other variables change. We feel that if the mom could refer back to MOTH, she would be more likely to continue her scheduling success.

Also, another concern was that a mom who did not have MOTH to refer back to and then ran into problems would abandon scheduling. Then when others asked her about it she would say, “I tried MOTH, and it didn’t work,” when in fact, had she referred back to the book, she might have found the answer to her current difficulty.

People who sell planners do not allow the customers to copy the materials. However, with MOTH we have granted that right to those who register the book and if the copies are for their own personal use. We have felt that was a very generous offer.

Unfortunately, if a person buys a used book, the seller may not have been upfront with them about the registration and then they are likely to be disappointed. The question still remains, why has MOTH been so incredibly successful in helping mothers manage the home? We are convinced it is because of both the book (for reading and reference) and the kit. Both are important for a mother’s ongoing success. That is why we grant those who keep and use the book the opportunity to copy the kit, and or buy a new one should they choose to.

If you know of someone considering purchasing a used book, please share this with them. The one who registers the book is the only one who may purchase a new kit or copy the one that came with the book. If the kit is copied, it can only be used by the one who registered the book.

From a mom who sold her book used:

“I have purchased a MOTH book in the past. Last year, I sold it on-line, along with the remaining papers & forms. I sold the book because I tried scheduling, but I thought it was an overkill for someone with only 2 children. But now, I’m barely surviving! I need my MOTH book again and my schedule!”