What Others Are Saying About Managers of Their Homes (MOTH)

Thank you so much! We have been on the schedule for 3 weeks now, and everyone is happier. I have also found that together we can keep our large home clean, which saves us the money we’d spend on cleaning people twice a month. I feelso much more productive, and I think it helps my husband to be able to see how we spend our day. What a blessing you folks are! Selena

I have found this way of scheduling extremely helpful. The whole family just loves having a workable structure to follow. Thank you so much – it’s a life-saver! Kalie

I wanted to let you all know that my children just love being on our MOTH schedule. It really has made a huge difference in our lives – thank you for being a light in this world! Robyn

I have been so blessed beyond words by the materials you have provided to me and my husband. I have read and implemented Managers of Their Homes and Managers of Their Chores and it has been wonderful! Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit encouraged and CHALLENGED me in my walk with the Lord. My husband is listening to the Audiobook on Redeeming the Time, and he asked that we make a Saturday schedule so we can be sure important things will be accomplished on that day as well as weekdays. Yeah! We are forever grateful to you! We have attended your homeschool conference in Birmingham, AL, in September where we were really first introduced to your ministry. Thank you! Kristin

Thank you so much for producing this resource! I am not a homeschooling mom but I am a stay-at-home mom who is often floundering to figure out how to get it all done! In my floundering, my dear friend introduced me to this book, and I immediately purchased a copy and I am in the process of putting the principals into action—what a blessing—to me, my husband, and my kids. I have already shared this with many others who are also going to purchase and use this book to glorify the Lord in their homes. Blessings on you and your family! Lisa

Thank you so much for this product! I am loving the changes it has made in me and our home. I have made schedules before but they never worked because they were not well thought and were too vague. Brandy

I’m getting so much more accomplished! Julie

Your ministry is being used by Jesus to help me to do the things which I have longed to accomplish but never seemed to be ‘together enough’ to actually do. Kerin

This is wonderful! Thank you for a practical, biblical approach to this issue of time management/stewardship! Beverly

This book has been a life-saver. Thank you for serving God and allowing Him to work through you to bring us such wonderful material based on His Word. Paige

I borrowed MOTH 1 week ago from a friend and ordered it immediately-I could hardly wait to get my own copy! Most consider me to be a very organized person-I am, but I have been struggling with fitting everything into my days (especially homeschooling!). I feel I now have the ‘answer’ to making it all work (and to enjoy teaching my children!). Alecia

I’ve been using our schedule for two weeks and am amazed at how much school we are getting done and how clean my house is – we have cleaning scheduled and they are too busy with what all else we are doing to make big messes. I have 3 children 1-6 years old and was living in the tyranny of the urgent – this has been so freeing and brought amazing peace! Oh, and family worship! 🙂 Yolanda

I don’t make this comment lightly, but sincerely – this book has changed my life more than any book ever, besides the Bible. You have taught me to make every minute of my day count, to spend each hour and day and year doing the things that God requires of me and to do them with a happy heart. Jatina

Excellently written! Every tip was absolutely forthright and practical. Although I’m still tweaking the final schedule, we have implemented so much already and my husband is especially pleased! Our days are now much more pleasant. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Wendy

It [Managers of Their Homes] is the best investment of all my curriculum-related purchases! Jacqueline

Your book has given me the courage to believe that I can be truly successful achieving my parenting, homeschooling, and house keeping goals! Thank you for teaching me the way! Martha

Your book helped to make our second year of homeschooling much smoother than the first! My three boys (8, 6, 6) have learned to be very helpful around the house and much more independent with their assignments for school. God has used your book to help prepare us for His plans! I feel totally confident and able to handle mothering and homeschooling and the new baby that will be arriving in January. This baby is a long awaited answer to prayer, but God knew our family needed some work first! Thank you so much for your scheduling book and your ministry. Julie

Thank you for a clear, easy to understand, step-by-step book. We are easing into our schedule and everyone is excited. Praise the Lord for His guidance every step of the way. My husband enjoyed the involvement he had! Our household is already running so much smoother! Carla

I have attempted to schedule my time with our four kids many times over the last 4-5 years (mostly with the computer). Your system works! I was able to get started during a power outage, and the kids enjoyed watching and helping me (they cut all the “squares” for me).

I’ve had to rearrange a couple of times, and the sticky tac keeps this step from being frustrating. With my most sincere gratitude, I thank you. May God continue to bless your family as you continue to pass on your advice and provide fellowship to others (particularly others like myself who rely on the Internet for communication with the “distant”).Tara

I have been enjoying reading Managers of Their Homes very much. I am actually a grandmother of 3, not a homeschooling mom, but the advice on beginning a schedule has been so helpful. I love the idea of time being a God-given resource, which is not to be wasted. But, I also have a greater feeling of peace, and I feel less pressure to rush through my days. And I am enjoying planning little schedules for each of my grandchildren when they come over to my house (Finn, 2, Abbie, 2, Elliot, 4). Thank you! Mary