Just Around the Corner Volume 2 Preface

The Lord has finally provided the time to compile Just Around the Corner, Volume 2. This project has been on our hearts for a couple of years. Regularly we have been asked when there would be a second volume. At the publishing of this book, we have been writing monthly articles to encourage Christian parents for seventeen years. Some of our children have grown to be adults and begun their own families during these years. Others of our children are still at home.

We are very grateful for the path the Lord Jesus has brought us down in our parenting, and we delight in sharing that with others who seek to have a Christ-led family. The joy of fellowship and purpose in a Christ-led family is beyond measure. It is our desire that every family would have this same experience.

Moms, there is a caution we have for you concerning the Dad’s Corners. Steve writes very much to a man’s heart. Steve wants to “talk” man to man with your husband without setting any expectations in your heart. We would suggest that you not read the Dad’s Corners unless your husband has read them first, and he encourages you to read them as well.

We are thankful to Sarah, our oldest daughter, for her efforts in collecting the Corners, proofing them before they went to the proofreader, generating the index, and formatting the book. She spent many hours on this project. Christopher, our second-oldest son, does the cover design and layout.

Without readers for the monthly Dad’s and Mom’s Corners there would be no reason to write them. If you’d like to receive the Corners via e-mail each month, you’re welcome to sign up on our website, www.Titus2.com. Thank you for your faithfulness and yearning to raise your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord Jesus. We are always blessed by your words of encouragement.

Occasionally, you will notice a particular month’s Corner “missing” from the book. Some months the Lord did not put a Corner topic on Steve’s heart. A couple of months we re-used Corners that we had already printed in Just Around the Corner, Volume 1.

In Christ Jesus,
Steve & Teri