Just Around the Corner, Volume 1 Preface

Five years after Steve and I began to homeschool, we were asked to lead our local homeschool support group. One facet of this job included publishing a monthly newsletter. We quickly discovered there was little to go in the newsletter aside from information on the upcoming meeting. At that point, Steve and I decided to each write a monthly article with the purpose of encouraging and challenging the dads and moms in our support group. We called these articles Dad’s Corner and Mom’s Corner.

When families moved away from our area, they frequently asked to continue subscribing to the newsletter so they could get the Corners. We didn’t want them to have the expense of paying for the newsletter when they wouldn’t be able to participate in the group. Therefore, we began offering the Corners free via e-mail.

In the past couple of years, we have been asked if we planned to put the Corners into a book. Many felt it would be easier to read in a book format than on the website or by e-mail. Therefore, this book is a compilation of over five years of the monthly Corners articles. Steve and I regularly coordinate our articles so they are on the same topic but from a mom’s point of view versus a dad’s. However, we decided you would have less difficulty reading the book if the Mom’s Corners were all together, followed by the Dad’s Corners.

Moms, there is a caution we have for you concerning the Dad’s Corners. Steve writes very much to a man’s heart. Steve wants to “talk” man to man with your husband without setting any expectations in your heart. We would suggest that you not read the Dad’s Corners unless your husband has read them first, and he encourages you to as well.

We have many on our Corners e-mail list who are not homeschooling parents. While they say they benefit from the Corners, it is important that you understand we are writing from the perspective of homeschooling.

It is truly a joy to look in our hearts each month and ask the Lord what He has taught us that we can share with other Christian parents. With three of our children now being adults, we believe we can write from the perspective of having seen the truth of God’s Word put into practice. At the same time, we are still in the trenches homeschooling five children. You will have a candid vantage point as you see us fail, succeed, laugh, and cry while we endeavor to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

We pray the articles will be a blessing to you. We think you will be encouraged and challenged as you read these pages!