Free Master Shopping Lists

Whether you’re a large family, or a small family, or don’t have any children, you all have the need for grocery shopping. For some, it’s a chore, while others enjoy it. But, no one enjoys rushing out to the store before dinner for a forgotten item. This is one benefit of a master list.

As our daughters have grown and do more in the kitchen, it’s been a common occurrence to hear that we are out of something. This has presented a training opportunity. We want our daughters to be responsible, to not waste time making unnecessary trips to the store or trying to do without. Now, when someone grabs the last of an item, they come to Mom and ask her to add it to the list. Master lists are very handy. Mom adds the item to her list. Then, when it’s time to shop, Mom goes through the pantry, checking on whatever items need to be added to the list, and we’re set. We don’t have to puzzle over what we might need. Every item we regularly purchase is on the list, and we only have to mark a quantity next to the item. In years past, we’ve printed a copy of the grocery list, and put it on the side of our refrigerator. Then, when we run low on an item, the person who notices writes it on the list.

We mainly shop at three stores: local grocery store, SAMS, and Costco. SAMS and Costco we shop at once per month, and the grocery store 1-2 times per week.

Master Shopping List for Costco

Download Costco List (Microsoft Excel)


Master Shopping List for SAMS Club

Download SAMS List (Microsoft Excel)