Free Chore Charts

Chores are vital to a child learning responsibility. Perhaps you wonder what chores to assign your child? Each family is unique with needs specific, but you can get ideas. We have fifteen free chore charts for you to browse.

Children and Chores

An article addressing the difficult, but very crucial topic of children and chores. Children and Chores addresses some of the very biggest challenges and how to overcome them. Written by Teri Maxwell.

The popular series The Holly Homemaker is one you have to check out. Will chores help or hinder our kids?


Managers of Their Chores

Managers of Their Chores, $25, includes the ChorePack Kit

Want to revolutionize the way you do chores? We struggled with chores and chore lists for many years. The Lord gave Steve the idea of ChorePacks. They’re like mobile to-do lists, clipping onto the child. This changed the way we did chores.

This book and included ChorePack Kit have helped countless moms! Grab your copy today.

Learn more here.

Master Lists

Feel free to download to your computer — or simply view on screen — any of the following resources! These are for your family’s personal use only.

Over the years, we have found lists to be extremely helpful. For example, in the school arena, assignment sheets make school planning much easier for Mom. Having a template for keeping track of each child’s grade in each subject was also important. Report cards, if a family chooses to do so, are much quicker if you are simply using a template.

Master grocery lists, master vacation lists, and yes, we’ve even been known to have a master donut list. All of these maximize our time and allow us to be better stewards of what the Lord Jesus has entrusted to us.