Scheduling is Successful

How Are the MOTH Test Families Doing?

As we finished writing Managers of Their Homes and started editing, we began asking ourselves a question: “Just because scheduling and the principles in this book have worked so well for us and our close friends over the years, how do we know they’ll REALLY work for everyone else?” To answer that question, we decided to ask several families (whom we had never met before) to put the book to the test.

Teri was on a homeschool e-mail loop for MOMYs (Mothers of Many Young Siblings) and she figured it would be the perfect place to ask for volunteers. What we weren’t expecting was the overwhelming response to her inquiry – 24 families asked to be allowed to test the book and kit. We were amazed at the positive feedback these families sent as they used the book. In fact, many of their suggestions, hints, tips, and encouraging notes are listed in the margins of the book. Not only that, but Chapter 16 “Questions and Answers” was also born during that time. Many of the families sample schedules were also listed in the Appendix. After the book had been printed and was being well received by families across the nation, another little question popped into our minds, Are the families that tested the book STILL benefiting from it one year later? So, we sent off some more e-mails and this page lists their responses.

Special Needs Children

Can Managers of Their Homes benefit families with special needs children? Two mothers share their responses.

Free Spirits

A free spirit is a mother who enjoys the daily randomness of life and is afraid that scheduling would replace that with “harsh regimentalism.” Hear from other Free Spirits and how they have benefited from Managers of Their Homes.

Reader’s Tips

Over the past few years we have received quite a few scheduling tips from readers of Managers of Their Homes. Some of those tips are featured here.