Homeschool Convention Session Listing

Speaking for Homeschool Conferences and Conventions

When the Maxwells are invited to speak for a homeschooling convention, the convention has a powerful “package.”

With all of the Maxwell adults having workshop sessions, they provide speakers for couples, men, women, and youth, in addition to a family Gospel music session. Steve and Teri, together, speak to couples. Individually Steve shares with men, and Teri encourages women. Their five children at home (three are married), Sarah, 33, John, 24, Anna, 22, Jesse, 20, and Mary, 18, talk to homeschooling young people, through a teen track or just teen sessions in general, strengthening them in their personal lives and directing them toward productive years before marriage.

Steve and Teri Maxwell, along with their children, bring a unique blend of homeschooling and parenting experience as they minister to families through writing, speaking, personal encouragement, and music. Having thirty years’ of homeschooling experience, having raised all eight children through homeschooling, the Maxwells understand and speak to the needs of homeschooling families.

Because the Lord has directed Steve and Teri to travel with their family, conference attendees observe a long-time homeschool family in action. Frequently they comment on how encouraged they are to see a homeschool family with older and younger children functioning as they envision it should. It gives them hope and direction for their homeschooling family. The Maxwells have their homeschooling “credentials” with them for others to see, talk to, and interact with.

Through application of the truth of Scripture and a dedication to the homeschool lifestyle, the Lord Jesus enabled the Maxwells to enjoy teens who have not rebelled. Their adult children are loving and serving the Lord while leading productive lives. Steve and Teri’s message does not come from theories and ideas read in books, but rather they come from over twenty-five years of personal experience in the homeschool trenches, including failures as well as successes.

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Sessions to the Family

  • Keeping Our Children’s Hearts
    • How can parents direct their children toward godliness rather than worldliness? Tried and true lessons from parents whose children have not rebelled.
  • Building a Vision
    • Whether new or experienced homeschoolers, this motivational and practical session helps a family attain their heartfelt goals for raising and educating their children. Doubts, discouragement, and burnout can easily shipwreck the family that doesn’t know “where they are going.” What is it that keeps a family homeschooling through a mom’s feelings of being overwhelmed, a child with a rebellious spirit, or a house full of babies and toddlers? Together, Steve and Teri share in this session how they moved from homeschooling for convenience (we’ll try it a year and see how it goes) to homeschooling forever. They will give you concrete examples from homeschooling struggles they have experienced and how they made it through. With seven adult children whom they homeschooled and one more child who is currently being homeschooled, they have the experience to know how to keep on while still being in the trenches of day to day homeschooling.
  • The Christ-Led Family: The Only Way to Live
    • What is a Christ-led family? How is it different from other families? Learn the joys of being a Christ-led family, and experience its sweetness in your family.
  • The Journey to a Rock-Solid Family
    • Doubts, discouragement, and burnout can easily shipwreck the family that doesn’t know “where they are going.” What is it that keeps a family together through a mom’s feelings of being overwhelmed, a child with a rebellious spirit, or a house full of babies and toddlers? Learn how your family can become solidly built upon the Rock!

Sessions to the Parents

  • Help for the Time-Pressured Mom
    • Homeschooling since 1985, Teri Maxwell is the mother of eight children (three married), and grandma to five. She loves keeping her home running smoothly, homeschooling the last Maxwell child, and sharing with women in the vein of Titus 2:4&5.
  • Feeding the Sheep – Dad’s Greatest Tool in Shaping His Family
    • Tried Bible time and failed? Never tried because you knew it would be too big of a battle? No time for them even if you wanted to? Do any of these questions describe your experience with family Bible time? Join Steve Maxwell, father of eight, as he shares about the Maxwell family’s favorite time of their day. Steve will give practical advice for achieving success in family Bible time that he guarantees will work.
  • Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit
    • Teri transparently shares the struggles God brought her through with depression, anger, discouragement, and fear. She gives practical insights into gaining a meek and quiet spirit that you can apply.
  • A Homeschool Dad’s Loving Leadership
    • A dad often holds the key as to how successful his wife is in homeschooling and having a schedule. Successfully being the head of a Christian family is a task that requires prayer, time, and effort.

      When a mom begins bringing problems to her husband, she desires a listening ear, comfort, direction, and help. In this session, you will be given practical, biblical suggestions for how you can support and facilitate your wife in her role as a homeschooling mom.

      Often there is no better way to convey your love for your wife.

  • The Family Chore Team: How Chores Facilitate the Homeschooling Family
    • Through chores, from preschoolers to teens, each person can be a contributing member of the family while gaining life-long, personal benefits.
  • Preparing Sons Who Can Provide for a Family
    • Godly maturity and vocational skills are critical for life. Learn purposeful direction. Much is applicable for daughters also.
  • The Christ-Led Marriage–Harnessing the Power of a Team
    • The Christ-Led Marriage–Harnessing the Power of a Team
  • Anger–Relationship Poison
    • Homeschooling families have a heart’s desire to raise godly children. However, it seems that anger is found in many homeschooling parents, and it can undermine all the hours invested in positive teaching.

      It can destroy our most precious relationships. Have you noticed how certain levels of anger are accepted and justified? Is a little anger beneficial? Do you have difficulty controlling your anger? Is a harsh tone in your voice anger? Are you discouraged by the anger in your life and in your home? Steve and Teri Maxwell will encourage you on this universally needed topic as they share from God’s Word and personal testimonies.

  • Loving Your Husband
    • It is easy for a mom to become consumed with children and day-to-day life. This leaves the opportunity for creating a huge gap in her relationship with the key person in her life—her husband.

      Don’t damage or lose that special relationship with your husband but rather develop and strengthen it.

  • Redeeming the Time
    • Does a dad ever have enough time? Does it seem like there are too many asking for what there is too little of our time? How does one prioritize our most precious resource and be a good steward of it? Will you spend a small amount of time with us in exchange for greater productivity? Be encouraged that there is hope with these proven concepts from the Word of God.
  • Raising Children to Be Courtship-Minded
    • Most Christian parents today want something better for their children than the dating they experienced on the path to finding a spouse. Raising courtship-minded children in a world where dating is the norm can be a challenge. Join Steve for this practical, balanced session that will encourage you while giving you insight and direction.
  • Feed My Sheep, A Homeschool Group Leader’s Motivational Talk
    • Support group leaders must give, give, and give some more. Most are still in the trenches homeschooling their own children.

      At the same time, they have the added responsibility of leading and encouraging a whole flock of homeschooling families. This talk will support and challenge leaders to maintain right priorities so that they can nurture their own families first while still having the motivation and energy to bless others.

  • Courtship and Preparation for Marriage
    • Most homeschooled youth have heard about courtship, but they wonder what it actually is and how it would work out in their lives.

      In this session, these areas will be addressed plus a discussion of what you can do to be prepared for marriage, preserving purity of heart and mind.