Chore Chart L

We are a rural, Christian homeschooling family consisting of Dad, Mom, and three sons ages 16, 11, 6. We live in northern New York State in a log home. We moved here about 6 months ago to help take care of my aging parents.

Daily Bedroom ChoresMake bed/Put away clean clothes/Pick up floor/Straighten up dresser tops and night stand/Dresser drawers closed/Clothes neatly hung upPick up/Clean upPick up/Clean up

Household ChoresPlan meals for next day/Clean up spots and spills as they happen/Read and dispose of mail

Kitchen Daily ChoresWeek 1, 3/Wash dishes/Wipe down counters & appliances
Week 2, 4/Dry dishes
Empty garbage cans/Tues/Fri/Kitchen helperFood garbage/sweep floor after every meal/Mon/Thur/Kitchen helperWed/Sat/Kitchen helper

Kitchen Weekly & Monthly ChoresMon/Wash Floors/Tues/Clean coffee maker/Wed/Clean toaster/microwave/Thurs/Wipe cabinets & appliances
Wk1/Clean oven/stove/Wk3/Wash curtains/blinds
Tues/Straighten fridge/Wk2/Clean refrigerator/insideMon/Clean light switchesFri/Clean cobwebs/vents
Whomever is dish drying: Mon: Clean silverware drawerWed: straighten cupboards/plastic dishes Fri: plastic dishes

Laundry/Utility Room ChoresIron/Wk3/Wash floorEmpty dirty clothes baskets. Wk4/Check dryer vents with Dad.Put away clothes. Fri/Sweep floor/wipe washer/dryer/Empty trash canPut away clothes. Fri/Clean cobwebs

Living Room/Dining Room ChoresWipe all dining room furniture completely (table and chair legs/tightened if needed.)Clean door knobs/Clean light switchesDaily: Clean off end tables/coffee table/entertainment center. Pick up/clean up floor/fix throw pillows/blankets/wipe down T.V.
Once per week:Clean cobwebs/vents


Main Bathroom ChoresSat/Clean tub/shower/sink/toilet/mirrors/doorknobs/Clean brushes/combsSat/Empty garbage can/Wash floor/Clean light switchesWipe down sink & counter/Pick up/Check paper level/Fix shower curtain/Pick up clean towels from laundry room and put away/Sat/Clean cobwebs/vents

Master Bathroom ChoresWipe down sink & counter/Pick up/Check paper level/Fix shower curtain/Pick up clean towels from laundry room and put awaySat/Empty garbage can/Wash floor/Clean light switches/Clean cobwebs/ventsClean shower/sink/toil/mirrors