Chore Chart K

10 yob

  • Picks up the dining room/front room/kitchen/bathroom
  • puts away clean dishes
  • sweeps with a broom (we have wood floors) the dining room/front room/kitchen/bathroom
  • feeds and waters dog
  • takes dirty clolthes to laundry room
  • puts away his clean clothes
  • keeps his room clean (every several months we clean his room together

6 yob

  • picks up the classroom/stairs/hallway
  • sweeps with a broom the classroom/stairs/hallway
  • empties bathroom trash
  • feed cats
  • puts away his clean clothes
  • keeps the 2 year olds room picked up
  • makes all of the beds
  • keeps his room clean (every several weeks we clean his room together so that he can learn how to deep clean)

In February our 2 yob will turn 3, and he will then inherit the bathroom and kitchen trash. He may get some other light chores

Both boys also help me with the 2 year old, they each dress, bathe, and play with the toddler (not at the same time of course ;-). They can also cook themselves simple meals such as sandwiches, fry eggs and ham, make juice. They each help me in the kitchen on a regular

The boys each have 1 hour to complete their given chores. On occasion they do chores that we call above and beyond the call of duty. These chores consist of washing dishes, doing laundry, mopping, various yard work (such as mowing cutting down saplings

The older the boys get the more involved their chores become. It seems that the more the child feels he has to offer our family the more valuable he sees himself. Like the Maxwells, we have discovered that the less time the kids have on their hands the more congenial everyone is. This week is a fine example – we have taken the week off for Christmas. The first couple of days were fine but now as we are nearing the end of the week the kids are starting to get on each others nerves and are fighting more and more.