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Children’s Chores

Chores and children. Saying those two words together probably invoke thoughts of impossible, nagging, tough. It doesn’t have to be that way! Instead picture the synergy of a happy team thoroughly tackling a needed job together. It won’t happen immediately, but yes, it is achievable.

Advice from Teri

Don’t completely redo your chore assignments. Just revise a few of them. Give each older child two or three new chores. Look for ones that you have been doing that you can now hand off to them. For chores the older children are keeping, have them swap some chores so they get experience in multiple chore arenas. Assign each younger child one or two new chores that had been assigned to an older child and have the older child teach the younger child to do the chore. Make up a ChorePack for your younger children–even your two-year-olds can have a ChorePack. Schedule time into your day to work with your children teaching them their new chores and helping them become proficient in them while you have more time to invest in the instructing process.

Timely Encouragement on Children's Chores

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