Chore Chart E

Cody, 6 and Morgan, 5

    • Get dressed
    • Put away pjs
    • Brush hair
    • Make beds
    • Pick up toys
    • All books on the shelf
    • Pick up garbage off the floor-the little stuff that just seems to get on the floor. (Cody picks up 10 pieces of trash, or garbage because he can count that high. Morgan picks up 20 pieces.)

After breakfast

        • Brush teeth
        • Wash face

After lunch

        • Morgan – wipe table
        • Cody – sweep under table

After school

        • Morgan – pick up 10 things off the floor
        • Cody – pick up 20 things off the floor


        • Help Mommy pick up the family room.

Stephen, 11, and Joel, 9

        • Get dressed
        • Hang up pjs
        • Make bed
        • Turn off filter
        • Turn off fans
        • Pick up toys
        • No clothes on the floor
        • Clothes hung up neatly in the closet
        • No garbage on the floor

After lunch

        • Joel – put any leftovers in containers, containers in the fridge, dirty dishes in sink, counters wiped off
        • Stephen – dishwasher emptied (sometimes filled) and empty garbage

After school

      • Pick up 30 pieces of things off the floor each.
      • Before bedtime
      • Do k.p. duty with dad.
      • Joel and Stephen do their laundry once a week.
Stephen, 11Joel, 9
MondayClean living room and vacuum by dining roomClean entry way (clean, sweep, dust sports shelf)
TuesdayVacuum living room and hallwayClean bathroom(clean counter, sweep floor, wipe down toilet)
WednesdayKitchen (wipe down counters, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave)Clean living room
ThursdayBathroom (counters, mirror, sweep and mop, toilet)Vacuum living room and hallway
FridayFamily room (clean, dust, videos and Nintendo neat, vacuum)Entry way (clean floor, sweep, mop)

Notes: After school (We have 5 other children ages 9 to 14 who come in for the school day) – Each child pulls one 3X5 card with a chore to do. These include…. pushing in chairs, straightening the book shelf, straightening computer tables, wiping off tables, wiping down chairs, taking out garbage, vacuuming, spider webs down, putting up tomorrow’s date on the board, and so forth. All children help with a whole house pick up each evening. Once a week, each child helps with meal prep. The children feed animals twice a day. We have cows, pigeons, chickens, dogs, and a cat.