Chore Chart C

We are a family of 8. My husband and I have been married for 10 years. Daddy is devoted to his children and family and has dedicated his whole life to us. He works away from home and is legally blind. Mommy loves being a homeschooling mom and loves having children. I have some health conditions that make me “low energy”. Our children are:

  • 7yog – an energetic child who needs a lot of productive work to keep from being destructive.
  • 5yog – fairly easy going child who tires out more easily. 4yog – very easy going child who loves animals and babies.
  • 3yob – fairly easy going child who is beginning to want to help Daddy.
  • 2yog – very strong willed, but is the only one who will do something she feels needs done without being told (and usually she is a good judge).
  • 11mob – very easy going child who I am hoping stays that way.

We call chores “jobs” because the children understand that Daddy has a job to pay for the things the family needs. We equate the work they do around our home as their job that helps out the family and helps us all live happily and comfortably. We break our “jobs” down into several different categories. The job assignments in these categories are usually very clearly defined and the children know what is expected of them under each category.There are also general expectations that run throughout the day. Our 3yob is expected to help Daddy as he does maintenance and improvements on our house. Our 4yog is expected to play with the youngest two when they need to be out of the way. The older two are expected to be working on school when they are not doing jobs, unless they have been given leave to play. Our home is very small and the jobs need to be done everyday to keep the house from being over run with disorder and they are expected to do their jobs without complaint or fuss.

The Morning Jobs:

(to be done first thing upon waking up, before breakfast)

    • All – get dressed, brush and/or pull back hair
    • 7yog – change litter box, help make breakfast
    • 5yog – make all the beds, clean up girls’ bedroom
    • 4yog – feed and water cat, clean up girls’ bedroom

The youngest three have no jobs in the morning.

After Breakfast and Lunch:

      • 5yog & 4yog – clear off and wipe tables and chairs, put tables and chairs away
      • 7yog – clean up highchair, vacuum floor.

Usually before lunch we will straighten up the bedrooms and living room and every one over 15mos old helps. Laundry: (done usually in the mornings interwoven with school). Mommy – I try to do three loads a day which gives me several linen and allergy control loads during the week

      • 2yog – stack cloth diapers, fold washcloths
      • 3yob – fold kitchen towels and boys’ clothes
      • 4yog – fold girls’ clothes and bath towels
      • 5yog – fold adult clothes
      • 7yog – put away all the laundry (will also switch over and start a load on occasion if I can’t get to it)

The Afternoon Jobs:

    • (done before Daddy comes home)
      • 7yog – vacuum hall, kitchen, living room, and girls’ bedroom
      • 5yog, 4yog, 3yob, & 2yog – straighten up living room, bedrooms, hall, bathrooms, and kitchen to make it all neat for Daddy
      • Mommy – dinner
      • 7yog – drinks for dinner
      • 5yog – set up tables and chairs
      • 4yog – silverware
      • 3yob – napkins

The Night Jobs:

    • (done right after dinner before family time and devotions)
      • 5yog & 4yog – clear off and wipe tables and chairs, put tables and chairs away
      • 7yog – clean off highchair, set up dishes
      • Daddy – vacuum kitchen, take out trash
      • 5yog – wash dishes, wash appliances and cabinet fronts
      • 7yog – rinse dishes, wash off countertops
      • 4yog – clean bathroom sinks and vanity, pick up the floor

Outside Jobs:

      • Daddy – mow the lawn, heavy and hard jobs
      • Mommy – weedwhip, weed the gardens, pick vegetables, plant, rake
      • 7yog – weed the lawn, water and pick vegetables, help plant, rake
      • 5yog – weed the lawn, pick vegetables, help plant, sweep patios, bag leaves
      • 4yog & 3yob – weed the lawn, help plant, bag leaves

Extra Jobs:

    • (given for discipline reasons)
      • Scrub the bathroom
      • Scrub the kitchen
      • Scrub the laundry room
      • Mop the floor
      • Vacuum the house
      • Sweep the patios
      • Clean out van
      • Clean out fridge

Pay Jobs:

    (Mommy and Daddy feel these are our jobs but don’t have time or energy so we pay for these jobs
    • 7yog & 5yog – wash and vacuum van
    • Spring/fall cleaning days
    • Heavy yard days
    • Any extra job that needs to be done NOW and can’t wait for an infraction