Chore Chart B

Timmy, 10Nick, 8Nathan, 6
Each MorningClean up breakfastMake (or help with) breakfastClean up bathroom sink
Each LunchMake lunch Clean up lunchDustbuster
Each DinnerCheck to see if trash needs to be taken outCheck and clean up videos and computer CDsCheck for and take out any recycles
MondayClean, dust, and vacuum roomVacuum living room and hallWipe off baseboard heaters
TuesdayClean bathroomClean glass doors, computer screen and TVClean entry way floor
WednesdayDust living roomCheck and organize library booksCollect trash from all rooms
ThursdayVacuum living room & hallClean, dust & vacuum roomWash kitchen chairs
FridayStraighten school shelfStraighten school shelfStraighten school shelf
Saturday, Week 1:Change sheets (yours and Abbey's)Vacuum under furniture cushionsWash chalkboard and baseboard
Saturday, Week 2:Clean out refrigeratorTake sheets off beds (yours and Nathan's)Help Nick with sheets and stuffed animals
Saturday, Week 3:Clean car and van (trash, clean windows, vacuum seats)Vacuum around edges of carpetHelp Timmy with car and van
Saturday, Week 4:Clean up shed, outside toys, sweep deck, porch and sidewalksClean door knobs, switch plates, fronts of refrigerator, stove, dishwasherWipe off washing machine and dryer