Free Chore Chart A

Hayden, 7Nate, 5
Monday AMVacuum Kitchen, Empty Trash, Clean BathroomDryer, Empty Dishwasher, Sort Laundry
Monday NoonFeed SalsaStock Napkins, Water Porch Plants
Monday EveningClean out carLibrary Books, Breakfast Prep
Tuesday AMWater Plants, Empty Dishwasher, Straighten BooksVacuum Kitchen, Tidy Backyard, Sort Laundry
Tuesday NoonBring in Trash CansFeed Salsa
Tuesday EveningTidy BackyardBreakfast Prep
Wednesday AMVacuum Kitchen, Empty Trash, Clean BathroomEmpty Dryer, Empty Dishwasher, Water Porch Plants
Wednesday NoonSort LaundryTidy Videos
Wednesday Evening Tidy School DrawersBreakfast Prep
Thursday AMWater Plants, Empty Dishwasher, Vacuum LR/HallVacuum Kitchen, Empty Trash, Sort Laundry
Thursday NoonOrganize Special DrawerBathroom Drawers, Feed Salsa
Thursday EveningNoneBreakfast Prep
Friday AMVacuum Kitchen, Empty TrashEmpty Dryer, Empty Dishwasher
Friday NoonFeed SalsaOrganize Shoe Basket
Friday EveningTidy BackyardBreakfast Prep
Saturday AMStock Diaper Bag, Sweep Porch, Make LunchVacuum Kitchen, Empty Trash, Feed Salsa, Breakfast Prep
Did I work hard and do my best, as unto the Lord?Do I have the freedom now to leave my chores and start something else?Did I ask if there was anything else I could help the family do?