Buying a House Debt-Free Preface

Three of our sons have purchased their homes debt-free with cash before they were married. As we write, our two younger sons are working toward that goal. It is not rocket science and certainly not impossible to achieve the goal of owning a home debt-free while still in one’s 20s. Simply put, it is a way of life.

Some suppose that our sons had certain special advantages that enabled them to buy their homes debt-free and that not everyone has those advantages. Our sons had no special advantages or circumstances but only a vision set before them of hard work in their own businesses, denial of self-gratification, and a mindset for saving money. Plus, they experienced the blessing of the Lord.

We believe that most young men are capable of beginning married life owning their first home debt-free, and we believe that after reading Buying a House Debt-Free you will agree with us. We have seen that it isn’t a matter of whether they will fail in this quest, but whether they will choose to go for it with a serious level of commitment. You will be encouraged as you see your sons rise to new purpose in life.

We will introduce you to young men who made the choices we hope your sons will make and now own debt-free homes. We are grateful to each of them for having the courage to go against the tide so they could purchase homes debt-free. These young men were willing to share their stories with us so that we could inspire you to foster those same goals for your sons. We have changed the names of all these young men (except for our sons) because some of them wanted to maintain their privacy.

We are thankful to the families who read a draft of Buying a House Debt-Free and gave us feedback. We are grateful to Jim Bob Duggar, Kevin Swanson, and Dr. S.M. Davis who took of their valuable time to read Buying a House Debt-Free and endorse it. In addition, our family members are our greatest critics and encouragers. They have also lived what we are challenging you to do.

We would like to see your sons owning homes debt-free when they walk the aisle and say, “I do.” Will you join us in this exciting adventure?