Buying a House Debt-Free Foreward

For years, Michelle and I have used Steve and Teri Maxwell’s resources on scheduling and chores to help our home run more smoothly and efficiently. The Maxwells speak to real needs in real families. I expected to find practical, motivating information in Buying a House Debt-Free, and I wasn’t disappointed.

As a father of 19, I share Steve and Teri’s desire to see young families living debt-free lives, even to the point of owning debt-free homes. In our book Twenty and Counting, Michelle and I tell our personal story of becoming debt-free.

Today many families are struggling under the weight of debt, and the economic times are uncertain. The stress they endure can destroy marriages and cause sleepless nights. To most being debt-free seems impossible and especially so regarding a house. However, in this book I read the inspiring stories of young men who have achieved the goal of owning a house debt-free. I would like that for my sons, and I think you would for your sons as well.

In Buying a House Debt-Free the Maxwells show us what a young man should do to save for a debt-free house. They talk about the necessary spiritual foundation and ongoing focus. They emphasize the importance of young men being productive with the years they have before marriage and the value of eliminating time and money robbers. They encourage young men to be entrepreneurs and savers. They even help us through the “what ifs” that might hinder us.

I haven’t read a book before that tackled this subject for young men and gave convincing examples of success. I personally know two of the Maxwell boys who have purchased their homes debt-free, and I see in their lives what Steve and Teri are encouraging you for your sons. I believe this book could have a tremendous impact on the future of countless young men who will pursue the goal of owning a debt-free home. I think every family should read Buying a House Debt-Free, and I encourage you to catch the vision for your sons.

Jim Bob Duggar of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting
Author of The Duggars: Twenty and Counting
and A Love That Multiplies