Autumn with the Moodys Preface

It became very apparent after I finished Summer with the Moodys that the Lord was leading me to continue writing.

My family has once again been an invaluable blessing. They helped me with many ideas and suggestions for the plot. Christopher edited the book with me. He also provided the photograph for the cover. Dad and Mom invested quite a few hours editing and giving comments and encouragement! Their words of wisdom spurred me to continue writing. The week before this book was to be printed, Mom read it aloud to the children, trying to catch any last minute things that had escaped our notice.

Special thanks to my friend Tilaundia Buckingham, who spent many hours drawing the sketches for the book. She did an excellent job!

I want to express my gratitude to the Jackson family for allowing us to take pictures of their golden retriever, Lady. Lady is on the cover of this book—as “Maple.” The Jacksons went out of their way to accommodate us with photo sessions for this book and possible future books.

I’m very grateful to my friend Anita, who, at the last minute, helped with many creative titles for the book chapters. Thank you very much!

Although this is a work of fiction, several things are based on real life. You will find the “Not All Fiction” section at the back of the book.

I pray that as you read Autumn with the Moodys, you will be blessed and encouraged in the Lord Jesus. Truly, life without a saving relationship with Jesus is meaningless. I want Jesus to be honored and glorified throughout this book, “. . . that in all things he might have the preeminence” (Colossians 1:18).

Only for Jesus,
Sarah Maxwell